Spring leavings

Fewer lost items of clothing as the weather gets warmer, but still things get lost, picked up and cared for.

whitepark bay 190416

This one on the way down to Whitepark Bay, Co. Antrim, 19th April 2016


Spring losings

In the warmer weather, people have fewer things to lose… but here’s one from yesterday (and one from a few days ago). Whenever I find a lost object, I try to place it somewhere where it will be found, but I’ve never actually seen anyone else doing it – just come across them afterwards. There’s such an inventiveness to the way people display them, as well as care.

The one on the left was in Surrey Canal Park, SE15, the one on the right alongside Peckham Rye, SE15.



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People take care of strangers’ lost objects

A child’s shoe carefully placed on a wall. A scarf tied around a lamp-post. A glove hung in a tree. Over the last few months I’ve been noticing the care that people take of other people’s lost belongings, doing their best to make sure they’re preserved and maybe return to their owners. I’ll be posting images as they arise, starting with a few I’ve already collected.

The one above was spotted in Ivydale Road, SE15, on 12 February.