Spring losings

In the warmer weather, people have fewer things to lose… but here’s one from yesterday (and one from a few days ago). Whenever I find a lost object, I try to place it somewhere where it will be found, but I’ve never actually seen anyone else doing it – just come across them afterwards. There’s such an inventiveness to the way people display them, as well as care.

The one on the left was in Surrey Canal Park, SE15, the one on the right alongside Peckham Rye, SE15.


The first ones

Here are some of the first ones I noticed:

prye 31115

Not sure if this is a tie or a belt – Peckham Rye, London SE15, 3rd November 2015


st georges rd 111115

St George’s Road, London SE1, 11 November 2015

surrey canal park 201115

Surrey Canal Park, London SE15, 20 November 2015